Red hot at the Golden Globes

Awards season makes for a nice distraction this time of year. My favorites of last night’s fashion relied on bright corals and sultry reds.

 Here are my picks for the best:

Winner Jennifer Lawrence sported a fun coral-red gown.

My favorite actress Marion Cotillard went for a siren orange/red asymmetrical hem.

Source: via ELLE on Pinterest

Naomi Watts kept warm in this simple, classic burgundy dress.

Source: via ELLE on Pinterest

Winner Claire Danes rocked this red hot wrap just months after giving birth.

Source: via ELLE on Pinterest

And Zoe sizzled in this taffeta gown that I heard some critics call “wrinkly.” I thought it was fabulous.

SavorTheSeason: Blood Oranges

One of the best parts of living in the Upper Midwest is the opportunity to experience all four seasons, some being longer than others. January and February tend to be long, dark, cold months up here, when looking for the positives is one of the only ways to get through, so I present a new feature “Savor the Season.”

This week I bring you blood oranges, my favorite season fruit of late December and early January.

Sicilian Citrus Salad:

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

Blood Orange Panna Cotta:

Blood Oranges with Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt

 Blood Orange Crostata

Beet Doughnuts with Blood Orange Cream

Blood Orange Bloody Marys:

Blood Orange Gin Sparkler:

Blood Orange Whiskey Sour:

Blood Orange Soda:

Kitchen Tip: Keep pots from boiling over

My skills in the kitchen are definitely limited. The smoke detector often ends up in the cupboard, and a mess is inevitable. Pasta is one of the few dishes I can successfully pull off, but the meal usually follows a catastrophic boil over when I’m not looking. But not after this tip.

Place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot and let the water boil away. I’ve yet to have a mess erupt from my pasta water.


FridayInFargo: A decade in Fargo

This week marks a decade since I moved to Fargo. My move here was meant as something temporary, a step toward getting somewhere else. I was at the end of a relationship and confused about which direction my education should go.

I moved into a small, cheap (and scary at times) downtown apartment. Broadway was in the middle of its reconstruction, and young people tended to stay away. The first winter here, I read almost a book a day, slept in a room with nothing but a bed and watched Oprah on 17″ TV from an air mattress in my sparsely decorated living room. I planned my next move, where I would go and how I could find a hipper, cooler place to call home.

But somewhere along my stay here, it became my hometown.

The city grew up with me. I met my husband, reconnected with some great friends, found a career and made a home.


Source: via Heidi on Pinterest


ColorfulThursday: Rose gold

I’m not a huge fan of pink, nor of gold, but put them together and I think I’ve found something to get behind.


For your Home:

For your Feet:

Source: via Matt on Pinterest
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

For your Closet:

Source: via Nuri on Pinterest
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

For your Makeup Drawer:

WardrobeWednesday: Nautical Fall

Nautical is a popular look over the summer to celebrate Independence Day or spend a day on the water. But I’m loving a hint of nautical (think stripes, navy blue, peacoats, wool, gold buttons and loafers) for the fall.

Source: via Heidi on Pinterest
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest
Source: via Heidi on Pinterest

WhichOneWednesday: What to do with my green tomatoes

In true North Dakota style, our fall is over almost before it began. Yesterday it was 80 degrees; tomorrow we’re looking at 20s with a good chance of a snow storm.

So today I trudged to my garden over my lunch hour and went to work harvesting what remained in my cute little plot. I’d hoped my Brussels sprouts would mature on the stocks, and I’d prayed my tomatoes naturally blush on the vine. But alas, Mother Nature didn’t care about my plans.

Now my pantry is stocked with a paper grocery sac full of green tomatoes waiting for me to figure out their fate. Being a first-year gardener, this is a new vegetable (OK, Stephanie Tanner, fruit) for me to handle with my not-so-hot kitchen skills.

This is the part where I ask you for help and beg your expertise. Which one of these recipes should I try?

The obvious choice, Baked Green Tomatoes?

Or maybe these tasty looking Green Tomato Tartines:

Perhaps some Pickled Green Tomatoes:

How about Green Tomato Bread?

Green Tomato Marmalade, anyone?

Give your younger self a time-travel hug

A decade ago, my 19-year-old self was hopelessly lost. I’d dropped out of college twice; I was desperately bored and sad; and more than anything I just wanted to believe that I was a grown-up when I felt anything but.

Today, I feel grown up (most of the time); I’m happy and fulfilled. And sometimes (often lately, for some reason) I daydream about going back to late 2002 and explaining to then-Heidi that everything turns out A-OK, that if you follow your own dreams and idea of success, you’ll get there.

I spent that time in my life questioning whether I was making the right decisions, even though many people around me didn’t think I was. But I did what I felt like I needed to do. I was selfish, and I found my personal passions — even if that took trying four different colleges. I made lots of dumb mistakes (sorry, Mom) that took me to precarious places. I’m not exactly proud of everything I did, but I don’t regret it either.

Those decisions put me on course to become who I am today. I
want to give 19-year-old me a big hug, show her pictures of my wedding, my awesome group of friends, and my byline in the newspaper and say, “See, it all turns out.”

But I also want to thank her for daring to go against what was expected of her to find what she really wanted — a creative job and life. I have very few regrets looking back, and that’s because I’ve largely followed my internal compass, picking up external pieces of good advice from some very smart people. Surround yourself with those people, but if their guidance doesn’t right true, it isn’t what you should do. Listen to that almost-adult inside of you. She’s smarter than you think.

So silly, lost, confused 19-year-old me, thank you. You’re doing awesome.


Source: via Robin on Pinterest